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He’s 20, although he believes “people still think I’m 12 when they look at me.” He began working in commercials as a toddler (“way before I was aware of it”) then graduated to acting, racking up some solid movie credits.

He was best friend Sport in 1996’s “Harriet the Spy,” and the toymaker’s son in 1998’s “Small Soldiers.” In 2000 he played Mel Gibson’s younger son, Thomas, killed by redcoats in “The Patriot.” But it was his work in the independent 1998 movie “The Climb,” as a young boy taunted for his father’s lack of patriotism, which first brought him to “Everwood” executive producer Mickey Liddell’s attention. ”’ says Liddell, who met Smith at that time and recognized him later when he auditioned for the role of the decent, somewhat rebellious teen in the WB drama.

In the subsequent years, Sarah made an impressive array of guest-starring appearances on such shows as “Unhappily Ever After,” “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” “Pacific Blue,” “Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane,” “Dawson’s Creek,” “Dharma & Greg,” “Boston Public,” “That ‘70’s Show,” “Six Feet Under,” and “CSI.” But it was the rapid succession of significant recurring roles that landed her on the television radar. It was a role well-suited to Sarah’s natural comedy talents and remains one of the stand-out arcs of the series.

Then, in 2003, Sarah was cast as Delia Brown’s babysitter in the WB family drama “Everwood.” During the two seasons she appeared as Madison on “Everwood,” Sarah was the notorious other woman who seduced Ephram and then gave their child up for adoption behind his back.

With uncommon ease, Sarah was up to the challenge and won over viewers and critics alike with her portrayal.

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