Updating gps receiver firmware software

Unlike some devices that update in just a few seconds, the process for Harmon Kardon GPS receivers takes some time.

This information will be used to locate the firmware you will need. Match the Hardware information with that of the “Board Version” listed in the table below. Then move across the row containing the correct board version to locate the correct model and receiver name.

(Note: the Receiver Model and Board Version can also be taken from PC-CDU Help | About Window) Instead of the Windows GUI firmware loader, FLoader, you may use the console application

If you're OK with this, you can continue using our sites.

To download firmware of software from this or any Topcon web site, you need a login and password received from TPS. If you are an authorized Topcon distributor, you must also complete the GPS registration form contained in the secure dealer site to register the physical hardware you are upgrading.

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