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Chummy is arranging a nativity play with the Cub Scouts, Jenny is faced with a difficult case, and a young girl's predicament leads to a big decision.19 February 2012Jenny speaks to her ex-lover again, while Sister Monica Joan lands herself in trouble with the police.Chummy receives a visit from her snobbish, imperious mother which forces her to reconsider her relationship with Peter.29 January 2012Jenny befriends an old soldier named Joe, and is disturbed by his living conditions.What do you expect when you’re working around mostly women?

If you were not interested in the conversations women may have, why choose this profession?

There will be women who will talk about their boyfriends, their kids, their husbands, shopping, etc.

20 January 2013Jenny tries to help a battered wife, Doctor Turner finds himself overcome with requests for nitrous oxide from pregnant women throughout Poplar, while Trixie and Sister Evangelia help deliver a baby in very unsavory circumstances.

25 December 2012Nonnatus House is alive with preparations for Christmas.

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