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"Women tennis players had quite often been objectified or seen as sex symbols in a way that overtook what they were actually doing -- but I feel like at that time it really went up a notch," said PR and marketing consultant for pro athletes David Skilling, in a recent interview with CNN.

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This led the New York Post to quote someone in the Queens district attorney's office as saying, "Mr. Or more to the point, he had better watch his hands.""Who is he to care?

When I go to New York this year, I'll be 17, and I've been told that's the legal age there. At this year's Open, I'll have five boyfriends.  Fedorov told ESPN in 2005 that his relationship with Kournikova was a friendship for quite a while. And then there was some.“We spent quite a few days together.

When she was 18, she also managed to win the title of ITF Junior World Champion. Her good looks and modeling career made her a multi-millionaire.

With the primary step of her success, she turned professional and earned her stardom through the years 1998 to 2000. However, she accomplished greater success by playing doubles, as a double; she played with the world No.1 player with Martin Hingis. Her fans are curious to find out the info about her personal life. She earned around 10 to 15 million USD every year through endorsing products like Adidas, Lycos, Omega Watches, Pegasus Mobile and many others.

Anna Kournikova is currently dating Enrique Iglesias.

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