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Dmitriyev report: "New-Look Signals Brigade" 51) Ukraine's AMC to Decide on Kyivstar And Vimpelcom Merger Within a Month 52) Russia's CEC Unlikely To Attend Kyrgyz Elections On October 10-Churov 53) Pakistan Editorial Asks Zardari to Lead Relief Work to Regain Nations Trust Editorial: Presidential escapism 54) Moscow Press Review For August 12, 2010 55) Czech Republic to Allocate 8 Mln Rubles For Russian Wildfire Victims 56) Vondra Praises Czech Intelligence Services for Countering 'Hostile Activity' "Czech Minister Indirectly Says Spying Behind Generals' Departure" -- Czech Happenings headline 57) Italian Press 12 Aug 10 The following lists selected items from the Italian press on 12 August.

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58) RF, Denmark To Plan Joint Navy Exercises In 201 1-Baltic Fleet Cmdr 59) Moscow Airport Shows Europe's Biggest Passenger Traffic Growth Rate 60) Russian Deputy Minister Receives Outgoing Danish Ambassador Press release: "Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Titov Converses with Danish Ambassador to Russia Per Carlsen" 61) Estonia Assigns Money For Victims of Russian Wildfires 62) Moscow Welcomes Reconciliation Between Venezuela, Colombia 63) Moscow Welcomes Restoration Of Ties Between Venezuela, Colombia 64) Venezuelan Leaders, Foreign Relations Activities 17-23 Aug 10 For assistance with multimedia elements, contact OSC at 1-800-205-8615 or [email protected]

65) Russian Experts Said To Blame Heatwave on US Climate Weapons Article by Ruslan Gorevoy: Thermal Strike: Is Someone on Earth Now Capable of Using a Climate Weapon as a Thermal Strik e?

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Sergey Bulavin Presents Draft Law on Police at Rossiyskaya Gazeta" -- first two paragraphs are Rossiyskaya Gazeta introduction; for assistance with multimedia elements, contact the OSC Customer Center at (800) 205-8615 or [email protected]

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