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You brilliantly tied in the fact that the two main movements each occurred prior to a major storm, first with Irene and then Sandy.You also mentioned that the best sign is that, unlike the Mabul with Noach where the fish at least survived, the fish which symbolize Pru U’revu died (i.e.It wasn’t that long ago when Yeshivas were a rarity and Rabbis accepted Talmidim with open arms rather than rejecting them like we see in our generation.

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However, the frequency of circumcision in these periods and its possible social significance are unclear.[11]A schematic distinction can be drawn between two major types of circumcision, based on the circumstances in which the operation is performed: therapeutic circumcision, which is beyond the scope of this paper, and ritual circumcision.

The latter can be subdivided into religious circumcision, as in a ceremony marking a rite of passage and affirming membership in a group, usually religious, and secular circumcision, in which a religious motive is not invoked presumptively.

Here’s what I respectfully think: New York AND New Jersey were both hit because the world stands on Torah. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself, i.e. Having myself lived in New York for over 24 years and encountered many Lakewood families, I have a completely different opinion: Sinas Chinam (baseless hatred) is what did it.

People are very quick to find reasons why this person is a bad Shidduch prospect for that person (i.e.

Bottom-line, New York and New Jersey aren’t standing on Torah, but rather on mere Halachos and Minhagim.

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