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As climatic change has had a dominant influence on sedimentation during the Quaternary and there has been little species evolution on which to base biostratigraphical subdivisions, the epoch is divided into a series of climatostratigraphical stages.

An ice-transported raft of highly deformed marine clay was visible at the Boyne Limestone Quarry, east of Portsoy.

Such clays are associated with shelly tills that contain fragments of temperate and cool water molluscs which at one locality in Buchan have yielded a preliminary amino-acid age determination suggesting a Devensian age, that is post-125 000 BP.

The palaeosol rests on, and incorporates, deeply weathered and whitened gravel, but the biogenic material cannot yet be ascribed certainly to a particular interglacial.

Dalcharn provides the first evidence that the northern Grampian Highlands were covered in pine forest during at least one interglacial stage of the middle to late Quaternary.

These deposits (P008603) occupy basins and channels between upstanding tor-like prominences of partly decomposed felsite.

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