People are talking and we are not even dating

People spend so much time looking for the next potential One or hook-up that they forget the feelings of the person they were just with.” -Andrew, 33 “I’ve never ghosted on a dude and a dude has never ghosted on me.Usually, if I don’t think it’s a fit, I tell the person to their face out of respect for humanity.” -Stephanie, 25 “I used to ghost on guys all the time.She was like a theater student and she was so cold at rapping.” — Drake, talking about his love for Minaj to MTV in 2010 “I remember one of the first nights that we were out in Miami and I went to Jerry’s [Famous Deli]. ,’ and she was like, ‘Yeah, I want some food.’ I was like, ‘I’m in, we gon’ eat food together.’ I came to her door and she took the food and shut the door in my face! Drake and I tied the knot.” — Drake and Minaj joking about getting married on Twitter in 2010 “Obviously, Drake and I, we’ve played around so much with the whole marriage thing and stuff like that, so people have come to be kind of intrigued about us.” — Minaj, talking about the fascination with her and Drake’s relationship, to MTV in 2010 “If there’s any woman in my life that’s the ideal woman for me, it’s definitely Nicki. I like Nicki with no makeup, black hair, some casual clothes in a recording booth rapping an amazing verse. I know some great women, but all jokes aside, Nicki is somebody I could spend my life with because I think we understand each other.” — Drake, on why he loves Minaj, to “Drake’s so talented. Sometimes when you’re really intelligent and you’re really talented, you also think a lot. It gets a little hard to have a real connection when people are on different sides of the world, working on different things. You don’t ever want to choose sides between people you love. I just want it to be over.” — Minaj, on the feud between Drake and then-boyfriend Meek Mill, to the “I don’t really talk to Nicki. I understand what love is, and I understand a personal situation.

Ghosting is the art of ceasing communication with someone without any explanation.

Used in a sentence: “That guy I met on Tinder stopped texting me back. Occasionally I feel myself doing it and it feels like a car crash in super slow motion that I can’t pull myself out of.

It ended up okay because a year later we started talking again as friends.” -Lexington, 22 “Recently I was ghosted by a guy I was seeing late last year.

We hadn’t been seeing each other for a long time but we still kept in touch.

One guy went so far as to text me after a first date: ‘Don’t disappear on me.'” -Shane, 28 “This person I grew really close to over the last couple months went from calling and texting all the time to not even responding to me. So, there’s that.” -Shannon, 30 “I feel cowardly and insecure whenever I ghost on someone.

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