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By the time of the glorious era of Gothic Art, attitudes to female nakedness in paintings, sculpture, stained glass and other types of art, had hardened further.

As for female nudity, this was very rarely seen in paintings or mosaic art from the Byzantine era, being mostly associated either with feelings of guilt and shame, or with low-brow humour.

Besides, as far as Byzantine culture was concerned, the naked male and female were too closely aligned with pagan Greek culture.

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And figurative masters like Botticelli (Birth of Venus, 1484; and Allegory of Spring, 1482), Giorgione (Sleeping Venus, 1510); Titian (Venus of Urbino, 1538; Venus with a Mirror, 1555) and Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto (Susanna and the Elders, 1556) were not content to restrict themselves to idealized female nudes based on set mathematical proportions: they wanted to capture the natural full-bodied beauty of women - in short, seductive warmth became more important than correct geometry.

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