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This SCP will return the Autodiscover Internal URI FQDN in which this client should contact the Autodiscover service.

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Every time a CAS Server is installed, it will register this SCP record within Active Directory in the following location: CN=Autodiscover, CN=Protocols, CN=, CN=Servers, CN=Exchange Administrative Group, CN=Administrative Groups, CN=First Organization, CN=Microsoft Exchange, CN=Services When an Outlook client has the ability to find this record because they are domain joined and on the internal network, they will locate all SCP records and will choose the oldest SCP.

If you have slow links or want to scope what SCPs are available to users in various sites, Autodiscover Site Affinity can be used.

Outlook Anywhere is not enabled by default in the Exchange Server.

Below are the steps to enable Outlook Anywhere on an Exchange 2010 Server.

External host name :- This will be your Exchange server’s external host name which can be resolved over internet.

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