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BYB’s breeds litter within 1.5 year of getting first dog with the ONLINE school of dog knowledge.

PB markets dogs in person by proving over 25 of them.

As well as the respect from your peers the contempt from the backyard breeders ..

1st Litter back 9 years ago 911 c section costs $700.00 . Buying or horses and livestock 7k, equipment and fencing for farm cost over $20,000. Misc Expenses: To repair car used for massive travel for dog shows. Understanding to be professional one must dress the part.

Real Professionals protect the breed so we invested in a DNA Challenge.

Negative always Most often backyard breeders will NOT keep anything from a litter. Which goes against the concept of breeding to further the breed vs making money Often BYB are house women trying to make extra money . Well that is till the house women try to compare themselves to Professionals,attack & stalk the experts.

They supplement soup operas by creating one online they get so enthralled with they live for attacking Professional breeders all day. Choices: Often: Pprofessional breeders either don’t have kids, are retired, or the kids grow up in the PROFESSIONAL world of canines.

For this year we will put the PB’s at 300.00 the BYB’s $300.00.

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