Mobile dating gps

Some dating apps require less sign-up information than their web counterparts — an added bonus.

"Most mobile apps are good for connecting quickly, so you’ll find more singles looking for casual relationships ready to meet on the fly," Julie Spira, a leading authority in online dating advice, tells Mashable.

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My friend has the app, and just by logging in at work once or twice he's discovered there are at least two other gay men in his office.

Just from using the app with him, I've seen more abdominal "situations" in a 15-minute span then I have over the last five years.

You don't have to take off your wedding ring at a hotel bar Don Draper-style to have an affair-you can just log on to Ashley and find another, no-strings-attached, willing adulterer.

When I was 16, a girl in my math class asked me what "blue balls" were. (I was thinking of Blue Bell, obvs.) Now teenagers outfitted with i Phones are hardly misinformed about anything anymore.

"In today’s apped-up, textaholic society, exploration means downloading apps, not just checking out a new You Tube video." Enter spur-of-the-moment dating.

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