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For example, I imagine that of the women who are 5’1, I probably match with a higher percentage of them, vs. Look, I know, that when women fill out online dating profiles, they put their “ideals”, and in real life actually do date lower than their minimum height preference.

I know, thank you for being the 27 You can see that as the woman gets taller the height difference in their preference decreases.

So it starts at a difference of 6.5 inches with women who are 5’1 wanting to date guys that are 5’7 and half or taller, but women who are 5’9, only prefer a minimum height 2 inches taller than them, at 5’11. But, basically if you are man that is 5’5 and under, you should take your $24.99 dollars a month and light it on fire.

Because you are more likely to attract a women when you are lighting money on fire than the bleak percentages of women that want to date you.

BUT I did discover a consistent trend, that woman who were rated below average attractiveness (less than 7), did have a significantly lower median of height preference.

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