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Selon une étude de l’Université de Boston, « cuisiner permet aux gens de s’exprimer créativement ».

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In one horrific case, schoolgirl Katerina Koneva, 12, was strangled at her home in Hammersmith, West London, by Andrezej Kunowski, who had spent 15 years in jail in his native Poland for serial sex offences.

The 51-year-old was awaiting trial in his home country for further sex attacks when, in June 1996, he was freed on bail for urgent medical treatment and absconded, travelling to Britain under a tourist visa.

They were responding to a phone call from a worried local who had spotted Asztalos from his photograph, which was part of a new Crimestoppers' campaign aimed at capturing 'most wanted' foreign fugitives in Britain.

Thousands of miles away in Asztalos' home town of Tolna, 80 miles south of the Hungarian capital Budapest, police suspect this quiet, unassuming young man of raping a four-year-old girlbefore fleeing in May 2006 and slipping into this country.

He recently claimed that the UK is harbouring 80 Albanian killers and 20 other serious offenders.

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