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Tony also tried to buy Websters' Auto Centre garage, but Kevin Webster refused and took an instant dislike to Tony.

He then hired his friend, another mechanic, Jimmy Dockerson to sabotage Kevin's business and steal his customers.

Once a hacker has a person's phone number they can send a hidden command by text message to try and obtain this signature.

He was married to Carla Connor and was responsible for murdering her ex brother-in-law Liam Connor after finding out about an affair they had while engaged.

After confessing to Carla, she had fled Weatherfield and Tony embarked on a relationship with Liam's widow Maria, even helping give birth to Liam's son, Liam Jr.

A German security expert has discovered a flaw that could affect millions of SIM cards.

It lets hackers access the user's phone remotely by sending an infected text message.

Tony was known to have evil tendencies when not getting what he wanted, and normally did anything to cover his acts, which almost led to murder on some occasions.

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