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Due to how closely guarded her private life is, we really honestly don’t know whether Jennifer is married, dating, single, cohabiting, or other.We do know that she has dated a lot: she says, “Thank God for Stifler's mom.Her body measurements are a staggering 40-34-37, which is all the more impressive for a woman of her age.

She is a great actress who is instantly recognizable, from her large lips to her blonde hair and her squinting expressions.

She has managed to build a character for herself which doesn’t just get her typecast – it actually leads to castings, as she is inherently funny and seems to be the perfect fit for a lot of roles.

For some reason, that's just the way it's gone, because younger guys have always asked me out and I accept.” If you were fantasizing about Jennifer and you’re a bit older than she is, then you might want to also fantasize about a fake ID and some convincing plastic surgery work. It seems that it hasn’t been a conscious decision for her but rather something that just happens, so maybe she could be convinced to go a bit older for the right man. In retrospect, it wasn’t the best of investments, but that didn’t put Jennifer off.

It’s interesting that she dates toyboys because it’s something that would really fit with her on-screen characters, particularly her famous role in the Jennifer obviously knows a bit about investing, and she decided to use her earnings to buy something that could be worth a little more in the future. While the mansion did receive some damage, she was able to get renovations to both repair and strengthen the original structure.

The mansion might not still have the same historic value once some parts have been changed, but at least it will be a stable building which can actually be put to use, and that might even end up being worth a bit more for resale.

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