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Once again she reassures him that he and Clemene will indeed be freed as soon as the lord-governor arrives.

Caesar promises the narrator that he will attempt to be patient and that no matter what happens, he will never doubt her sincerity.

His look of hatred directed at the captain causes the slave trader to blush: "farewell sir, it is worth my sufferings to gain so true knowledge both of you and of your gods to whom you swear" (37).

Nevertheless, the couple finds the encounters with the narrator entertaining and diverting, and Caesar enjoys her, his "great mistress," better company than the men because "he could not drink" (46).

He confesses to her that although he had "only the name of a slave and nothing of the toil and labor of one," he has doubts that he will ever be set free.

Imoinda, who is now called Clemene, faints into Caesar's arms, and when she revives the lovers are reunited, swearing that all their terrible troubles have been worth the price now that they are reunited: "what ecstasies of joy they both withheld each other, without speaking, then snatched each other to their arms" (44).

The narrator, meanwhile, has been staying on the same plantation.

She explains that Trefry gave the name of Caesar to Oroonoko for this reason and that from now on she must refer to him as such.

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