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I don’t see it no matter what Lil' Kim, like millions of dark-skinned women, has been socialized to believe she is ugly and unworthy because she is not white or light.

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, her father Winston Marchand abandoned the family at a young age to pursue his career at ERAC records.

Her albums include Ill Na Na in 1996, followed by Chyna Doll in 1999, and Grammy-nominated Broken Silence in 2001.

While she is an extreme case, she is not the first dark woman in entertainment who has felt the need to lighten her skin or change her appearance to keep up with the so-called "ideal" beauty.

Other black female performers, from Banks to Kelly Rowland to K.

She left the Def Jam label in 2003, which canceled the release of her "Ill Na Na 2" album.

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