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He later took Barry in and raised him, as Barry ended up a foster child after Nora's death and Henry's imprisonment.After an attempt to run and see his father, Joe assured Barry that he had the power to stop him from going, sending him to his room. On the same night, Barry Allen, Joe's foster son, was struck by lightning, putting him in to a coma.

Also, before he could escape, Mardon's plane was blown to pieces by a shock-wave from the explosion of S. As Iris was too distraught to be in the building, Joe began stressing but was approached by Dr.

Harrison Wells, who offered his medical assistance in his lab.

Clive Joy-Morancho, 59, tried to use the covert recordings in the bitter six-year battle to protect his £69million fortune from her. The children see what their father is doing to their mother, and they are suffering.’The pair, who have three children now aged seven, 10 and 12, split up in 2011 following a five-year marriage.

Nichola Joy, 50, has now made a criminal complaint for breach of privacy, which carries a maximum sentence of a year in prison or a £40,000 fine. Ever since, they have been fighting an acrimonious divorce battle over the money he made leasing aircraft.

See Foe Romance Subtext for the less explicit version of this, and Fatal Attraction when it's more dangerous.

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