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You don’t think you’re intimidating, and yet, guys don’t seem to approach you do they? It might not be that they find you unattractive: you could be putting out the vibe that you want to be left alone. If you’re just drinking a glass of water, or even worse nothing at all, while all of your friends are drinking cocktails, guys assume that you plan on making a quick exit.

They definitely assume that you are not in the mood to loosen up and talk to strangers.

My wife knows that I work out so much because of my vanity and so she can poke fun about it with me and I have never accused her of checking out other guys because I’m an idiot.

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The thing that confuses me the most is that I always hear guys say they want the confident, independent girl who can hold her own, but then when they get her I watch them all run away and date the girl they can walk all over.

I think I have a pretty good idea of what the actual “problem” is, but getting a guy’s perspective will be way more interesting, so I’m enlisting my bro-friend, Adam.

If one of us is fortunate enough to meet a confident girl it takes an equally confident guy to make it work in the long run.

The same thing that draws us to someone at a bar is what can ruin a man who is secretly insecure.

Adam and I actually share a lot of similar qualities, we’re both witty, extremely charming, a blast in Vegas, crazy good looking, and incredibly modest- it’s actually our best quality. So, Adam, you know me and may be familiar with my “intimidating” ways, please spill the beans on what the hell guys are so afraid of? When discussing the topic of why guys often choose someone they can walk all over instead of the confident showstopper they met at the bar it’s important to remember a few things, the first being that guys are idiots.

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