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Following this kind of life balance is essential, no matter your relationship status.Sign up to receive inspiring, expert advice on living your best life from Books for Better Living and Penguin Random House.If you’ve got a lot of obligations, sign up for a regular class that you can more readily fit into your schedule, or set dates several months out so that you can better build your schedule around them.

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You don’t have to take yourself out for exclusively new activities either.

Whether you have a demanding job, family obligations, or both, it’s still important to prioritize your existing passions, too.

How ludicrous was I to be searching for the one I wanted to spend my life with, while I was chugging down 40 oz.

of soda a day, not eating well, not exercising, and not taking care of myself in a million other ways?

While girls’ nights out and dinner dates with our partners are essential and fun, it’s the time we spend doing things on our own that allows us to stay connected to our individuality which keeps us vibrant, happy, and interesting.

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