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Along with my dad’s grandmother “Nan” Delap, someone named “Florence”, and my dad’s mother (my grandmother) Genevieve. Yes, folks, that’s “light damage” from being hung in my parents house for years and yearsin a frame that DID NOT have ultraviolet light-reducing glazing.

A formal color portrait of dad & mom (left) and a drawing of mom as a young woman (right), both of which I inherited as part of the family archive.

Sometimes the BEST photos were pulled out of these envelopes years ago for placement in albums / frames / or even to be carried around in someone’s wallet.

Fear not, however, as you still have the original negative (that’s why you should ALWAYS save them), so go ahead and get a copy of missing prints made!

Then take the negatives and prints out of their crappy old processing envelopes and store them TOGETHER in an archival kit, and copy any identifying info from the old envelope onto a new acid-free enclosures.

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