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It’s simple: take a look at what he does do- when he does it, versus what he doesn’t.

For some reason, they are quite inclined to be the sort to throw the baby out with the bathwater, therefore it may be EXTREMELY confusing when you believe you’ve been perfect and unexpectedly, he shuts down.

In those situations, you need to understand- it likely isn’t anything you’ve done or didn’t do.

The Taurean’s first mission in life is to create a secure and comfortable home and a comfortable cache in the bank.

But he doesn’t just save money for the sake of seeing the zeros accumulate—he likes to make dreams a reality, and if he loves you, he will quietly and steadily save for years to buy his Lioness anything she wants. They are also very close to their family, particularly their mothers.

One more thing to note is that Taurus isn’t known for making the very first move.

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