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Sometimes we might hear an inspiring talk or read an inspiring article or book and feel fired up.

If we push off taking action until we have enough time or knowledge or energy to do a proper job, we might lose our feelings of inspiration or enthusiasm.

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However, one should never use a claim of trust in God to condone laziness or rash behavior.

There is a thin line between the virtue of trusting in God and the fault of carelessness and irresponsibility. A policeman warns him to evacuate because of a flood warning.

Because if God wants you to win, one ticket should be enough.

In the section discussing prophecy, the Torah states, "You shall (trust) wholeheartedly in God" (Deut. We are enjoined to trust in God, but to what degree do we have an obligation to make a normal human effort and what is considered a lack of trust in God?

So that's why if you want the money, it helps to buy a lottery ticket.

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