Cornell dating site

He said the relatively anonymous nature of apps like Tinder and Grindr can lend themselves to casual encounters.“On a rare occasion, you may find somebody that you click with on there, but I think by and large it makes for a quickness that isn’t there in conventional dating, and it sort of speeds things up,” Bidon said. The tagline on his profile says “Cornell ’15,” and it’s apparent from his pictures that he likes fishing and is in a fraternity.

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“You start to realize, as you keep moving up through the years in college, how little time you have to do everything,” Bidon said.

“Maybe someone who’s been at school for longer would be more accepting of it because they understand the time crunch.” Senior Ian Vitkus has never used a dating website and said he only recently warmed to the idea of online dating after his sister became engaged to someone she met on OKCupid, a free dating website and app that gives users more profile information and allows users to contact others regardless of mutual interest.

Swiping to the left, or disliking him, would send his profile away forever.

Tinder is an increasingly popular online dating app available on i OS and Android devices that presents a user’s pictures, age, first name and location information.

“Sometimes, I feel like you miss the romantic part of everything, because everyone’s just out to get some tail.” Despite the growing usage of dating apps among college students, some feel a stigma surrounds this more detached way of meeting people.

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