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Many local government officials already recognize intergovernmental collaboration as an alternative method for delivering governmental service.

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Report » Town of Lancaster and Villages of Lancaster and Depew Outline the range of municipal cooperative arrangements between three governments in Erie County from approximately the mid-1990’s to the present and profiles the consolidation of the police departments of the Village of Lancaster and the Town of Lancaster that was accomplished in 2003.

Executive Summary » (PDF) | Case Study » (PDF) Livingston County Livingston County is studying the feasibility and cost saving potential alternative cost saving methods of providing health insurance for municipal and county employees.

Whether those patterns exist by design or by chance, they show that local governments cooperate heavily for the provision of some services and with the state and county governments for the provision of others.

The Catalog identifies the services that are provided in each municipality and the methods used to provide those services (independent, collaboratively with neighboring municipalities, working with the state or county, via a private provider, etc.).

Examines the impetus for the creation of the Broome County Partnership Council, its recommendations of 1999, and what actions if any have been taken on those recommendations.

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