Christian bible studies dating couples

A woman’s strength can be a compliment to the man’s weaknesses and a man’s strength can complement a woman’s weaknesses. The woman’s need to be loved and the man’s desire to be respected may be why Paul summarized this part of Ephesians that covered marriage (Eph -33) by his conclusion, “ If you are married to an unbeliever, you may have the most difficult of all marriages to be in because two cannot walk together easily if they’re not in agreement with one another over a lot of different issues.

Our approach: We’re going to begin just slowly working through a book of the Bible together.

We’ve picked the book of James for a couple of reasons: 1) It’s my wife’s favorite book in the NT and 2) It’s a short book and makes for an obtainable goal as we set out. I love to read commentaries, but until recently never really considered using a commentary as a part of a couple’s Bible study since I didn’t think it would interest my lovely wife.

In the process of working through the text and the commentary on our own, we’ll each take notes (mental or written), write-out questions, journal thoughts, etc.

We’ll then sit down one night a week, talk about it, and pray together over what God is teaching us through our study.

In the truest sense, women need to hear that they are loved but also to be shown that they are loved.

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