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Now, before you get out the pitchforks, this is not the typical rant about the balance team, or lack thereof amirite.

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But what viewers are most wondering about is whether there will be a second season, after the season one finale ended on a massive, vague cliffhanger. When the house's occupant surprises them, he attacks Alyssa and James kills the man while protecting her.

They go on the run, eventually being caught by the authorities.

Another user suggests the second season pick up with them making it to the boat they were going to escape on in season one and continuing from there.

Of course, there are a few viewers out there who don't want a second season and like the ambiguity of the season one finale.

We started paying more attention to the recipes, too. Four times, I needed to confirm, yes, I want to quit, no, I don’t want a bonus, a pause, a free pass, a month of fungus-free food.

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