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During each episode of the show, numerous experiments are carried out to verify whether common conceptions are true (such as whether it is possible to run across a pool of custard) or simply to create impressive explosions.The experimenters on the show are referred to as "Brainiacs", and each episode usually finishes with the destruction of a caravan.

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In addition, Vic Reeves appeared as the Russian scientist Uri Abusikov, along with his assistant Ursula, attempting to destroy things with liquid nitrogen.

In this series, Reeves took over as host from Richard Hammond, who had quit the show.

In no case were the rubidium and caesium reactions nearly as violent or explosive as depicted on Brainiac.

An earlier and more successful attempt was shown on British TV in the 1970s as part of the Open University programmes.

Hammond's growing commitments to Top Gear and his contract with the BBC meant that he was finding it increasingly difficult to fulfil his role as presenter of Brainiac.

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